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What is a
 Development Application?
Established in 1999

A D.A or Development Application is a submission to your local council, for typically proposed building works, be they new buildings or alterations and additions to existing building, in this case Residential Housing. The majority of my projects have involved Alterations and Additions to Residential Housing, typically adding space and greater amenity, within the guidelines described in Council Development Control Plans and Local Environmental Plans.

 Some projects require less information ie Complying and Exempt Development, more complex projects may require a full D.A. but this can only be determined after looking at the work proposed.

This submission to council, depending on the proposed works, will include architectural drawings of the proposed works,  A Statement of Environmental Effects, , on how the work will impact or mitigate impact on the environment and adjoining properties, with regard to views, sunlight access, site coverage and other environmental considerations. A Building Sustainability Index report will show how the new works will achieve certain benchmarks with regard to Heating, Cooling, Water Usage etc. Other information may be required with regard to Plumbing, Electrical and Structural Engineering aspect

See your local Council Website about D.A.s or go and visit them for further information about what you may require for a D.A.